John L. Banda

"I've always had a passion for writing. For many years I kept a journal and searched for the kind of writing my heart was longing for. Mother Teresa was a big influence in my life. I enjoyed reading her short, yet profound words. When I first came across her words of wisdom I felt a call within me to write as she writes--simple and profound. After many years of discernment I have finally discovered the writing that I'm called to do."  ~John L. Banda

John L. Banda is the author of the new Field Prayers series. With this new series in 2021, John is making his professional debut as a Christian writer. Since 1999, John has served in youth ministry, singles ministry and young adult ministry at various parishes. His spiritual writing has always been a big part of his teaching ministry. John has encouraged thousands with his faith, hope and love. John enjoys writing about God. He is committed to writing books that will strengthen and nourish the body of Christ.