Intimacy with God

Experience the Power of Intimacy 

Pray like the early desert Christians. Experience more intimacy with God through the beauty of God’s love.

Arrow prayers are one or two sentence prayers that became popular among the early desert Christians. Arrow prayers bring us into the presence of God, they invite God’s grace into our life and they sanctify the moment as we draw closer to God.

Author John L. Banda brings back this ancient practice of prayer in Intimacy With God. This is the first volume in the Field Prayers series. In his unique, modern style John presents 40 arrow prayers to help the reader experience a deeper closeness with God.

Intimacy with God is essential for our happiness and spiritual well-being. Kindle ebook & 40 Day Prayer Journal available.

Pick up your arrows.

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Purity of Jesus

Experience the Power of Purity 

Experience the freedom and peace found in the purity of Jesus.

Divine purity is God’s perfect goodness, his perfect love, his perfect honesty. Divine purity is a profound honesty, a profound acceptance of the true, the good and the beautiful. It is a deep, loyal desire for divine goodness and love.

In Purity of Jesus, the second volume in the Field Prayers series, author John L. Banda gives you 40 arrow prayers that will inspire you to seek the pure heart and mind of Jesus.

These 40 inspired prayers will liberate you and strengthen you with the purity of Jesus as you pray them, believe them and live them.

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These books have already been written, except for one, Tree of Life. The manuscripts require a lot of editing and preparation for publishing. Some more than others. Book titles, sub-titles and publication dates are subject to change. Release dates will be updated when necessary. Thank you for your support. Your support will help me to publish these books sooner. God bless you, abundantly. ~John L. Banda