Love is Faithful

Faithfulness is a beautiful gift that we give to the one we love. Faithfulness shows great respect and gives total honesty to our beloved. Being faithful is a noble and true way to show our love. Faithfulness requires sacrifice and it requires giving our best. It requires a dying to selfish desires. We must sacrifice our desire to see or to spend time with a tempting romantic interest that could lead us to be unfaithful. When we love someone we never want to bring harm to that person; we only want to bring good to that person. We should do everything in our power to avoid the choices and actions that go against the person we are committed to loving (and avoid deeply hurting them). A loving person considers and seeks the well-being of his/her beloved, and chooses to remain faithful. Remember, we show our love by being faithful. Are you committed to giving your faithfulness to the one you love?