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John Estrellas

In 1997, I had a moment of truth when I experienced a broken heart. I fell in love with a beautiful gal and I was happy, or so I thought. I had great plans for us. I wanted to marry her, raise children with her and live the good life together, till death do us part. My heart was shattered when our relationship didn't work out. Unfortunately for me, it was a messy break-up. It was a “stab you in the back” type of break-up. So there I was on the ground, my heart bleeding to death, figuratively speaking. I didn’t want to live anymore. It took great courage to humble myself and to pray: “What is love?” You see, I thought I knew what love was. It was hard to believe that something so good and beautiful could bring so much pain. The pain confused me. Deep down in my heart I knew that love was something more.

God answered my prayer and began to teach me the meaning of real love. In 1999 I experienced a renewal and returned to my childhood faith. I wanted to learn everything I could about love. I read whatever I could on the topic and formed my own insights as well. Love became music to my heart. The more I learned about love the more inspired I became. I gained more insights on love while serving as President and Spiritual Coordinator of the singles/young adult group at my parish. I served for several years. I also taught Sunday school to teens for about 18 years. From these experiences I gained a desire to write and publish books about love. I discovered my gift, a gift that I could share with the world.

By the grace of God, I discovered a method that allows me to teach love in a way that is practical and simple, a way that makes sense to people. Today, my writings enrich people's lives, help others to avoid toxic relationships and help others to steer clear of heartbreaking experiences (like the one I went through due to my limited view of love). I have noticed that people in general appreciate the way I present love. People write in to me each week, post on my Facebook page or website, to express their gratitude. They tell me that my love messages give them hope, clarity and direction. Although my aim originally was to help teens and young adults, older singles have embraced my love messages as well. Married people have also expressed that they find my presentation of love very helpful.

I started my Facebook fan page, Love is a Beautiful Thing, on February 14, 2012. I knew that I had a special and unique way of presenting love but I didn't think that my love memes would catch on so fast. Today I have over two million followers. It feels awesome to be a part of something great, something that is making a difference all over the world.

John Estrellas is founder of Love Is A Beautiful Thing. Since 1999, John has served as a volunteer youth minister, has led a singles group and mentored young adults at various parishes. He has taught thousands of people about healthy love. John enjoys writing about love. He is committed to teaching his unique, comprehensive and practical approach to love to those who desire true love. Check out his book here: John's Book.