Love Moves the Heart


Love Moves the Heart

Love is that movement in your heart that inspires you to do something good and beautiful for another. The heart is always moving toward something. It can be like a wild animal that needs to be tamed or it can be like a good child who runs around in the bliss of perfect freedom. We must constantly keep our heart in check by guarding it against the twisted emotions or desires that could lead it in the wrong direction. There’s a lot that goes on in the heart, there’s a lot of movement there, all the time. When I speak of the action or movement of the heart I am not only referring to the will or the desires of the heart, which include the emotions or passions that like to run around in there; but more importantly I am referring to the profound movement of something divine in our heart. There is something sacred in our heart that we must not ignore. The movement, or movements, of the heart can make us or break us so it’s important to keep our heart moving in the direction of true love. Love must be the strongest movement and the most dominant action in our heart.


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