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I'm working hard to get Field Prayers, ebook and prayer journal, published soon. I'm looking at November 2021. A few more finishing touches to go. There's always something to edit, but I'm getting there. ~John L. Banda

Pantera Fundraiser

When my beautiful cat, Pantera, died I was heartbroken. She was in critical condition. The vet wanted 7000 dollars to save her life, plus treatment costs. Nothing was guaranteed. I didn't have the money. It hurt so much to let her go. Pantera was a beautiful cat. She was a big part of my home life. I still miss her. The death of Pantera moved me to finish Field Prayers and to use these prayer books to raise funds for vet bills. I have other cats that I've rescued and care for.  To see pictures of Pantera click on the Animal Ministry link above. To help out you can donate through PayPal at [email protected] or you can buy my books once they are published.


"Starve your distractions, Feed your focus."


Jesus, I hunger and thirst for your Love.  I hunger and thirst for your presence. Jesus, thank you for your love. Jesus, thank you for your presence.


Preach the Gospel. If necessary, use words. ~St. Francis of Assisi