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Intimacy with God and Purity of Jesus for Kindle were published on January 7, 2022 at 7:00 PM. Hard copy book with 80 arrow prayers will be available final week of February 2022. ~John L. Banda


When my beautiful cat, Pantera, died I was heartbroken. She was in critical condition. The vet wanted 7000 dollars to save her life, plus treatment costs. Nothing was guaranteed. I didn't have the money. It hurt so much to let her go. Pantera was a beautiful cat. She was a big part of my home life. I still miss her. The death of Pantera made me more determined to finish Field Prayers. To learn more about my animal ministry please visit page: AnimalApologetics.Com


"Starve your distractions,

Feed your focus."

"Wounded, but not


"If you fall, pick yourself up. Remember, you are wounded. You are not defeated. Wounds can be healed."

Field Prayer:

"Jesus, I hunger and thirst for your presence. I hunger and thirst for your love. Jesus, thank you for your presence. Thank you for your love."

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"Preach the Gospel

with your prayers.

If necessary, use words."

"When you pray for others,

you are preaching the Gospel"