Prayerful Thoughts

Experience the holy presence of God. Lose yourself in God's sacred love for you. As you pray these prayers, experience God's abundant love for you. The goal is to experience wholeness through intimacy with God. Fill your emptiness with the love of God, and his goodness. Remain in the Kingdom of God. Select your desired music, push play and begin your sacred time with God.


Father, I quiet my mind and still my soul to receive your goodness, your generosity, your love. 


Father, thank you for guiding my thoughts, my desires and my feelings.


Jesus, your love makes me whole. You are my peace, you are my joy, you are my everything.


Holy Spirit, I am yours, faithfully yours; forever and ever yours.


Father, you know me. You like me. You delight in me. You adore me.

Kingdom Prayer

I have the light of Almighty God within me. Jesus, with your faith I can turn any lack into abundance. Jesus, I choose your Kingdom. I choose your peace. Jesus, I believe in your Kingdom. I believe in your Righteousness. Jesus, I choose your Kingdom. I choose your Righteousness Amen.

Closing Prayer

Father, I believe with all my heart, all my mind and all my soul that you love me. You love me with a love that satisfies my heart. Your love gives me peace. Your love gives me joy. Your love gives me rest. Amen.

Experience God's Goodness

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