Love Gives You Purpose


Love Gives You Purpose

We all need to experience love. Without love life will become meaningless and unhappy. We can begin by first loving ourselves. We can be our own best friend, or we can be our own worst enemy. A friend builds you up. An enemy says and does things to tear you down. When you know you are truly loved this becomes your greatest strength, and so we need to give this love to ourselves first. We cannot love another if we don't first love ourselves. What does it mean to be truly loved and what does it mean to love ourselves? We are truly loved when our highest good becomes priority. The person who truly loves you wants to do the most good to you. They want the best for you, and help you to become the best version of yourself. We can give this kind of love to ourselves, to others and we can receive it from others too. This kind of love will strengthen us and give our life purpose. It will open wide the doors to a happy and meaningful life.


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