Love is Receptive


The Receptivity of Love

Love is a gift that is freely given and freely received. Real love is about giving and receiving. It is not about getting or taking (grabbing or grasping selfishly). We must be able to give love well and must be able to receive love well too. Receiving is a beautiful part of love. Love requires the element of receptivity. When we   receive love well from others, we are saying to them that they are accepted and appreciated by us. If we wish to experience a healthy relationship we must participate in both giving and receiving. I call this the principle of giving and receiving. Following this principle will help keep a relationship healthy. If there is giving by one person but no receiving by the other, the relationship will become unhealthy in the same way that a relationship becomes unhealthy when one person is giving, and the other is not. Do you receive love well? Let's move on to the next love word.... 


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