Love is Receptive

 Love is Generous

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The Receptivity of Love

Love is not something that can be grabbed, or obtained selfishly; it is a gift that is freely given and freely received. Real love is about giving and receiving. It is not about getting or taking (grabbing, grasping selfishly). A person who understands love profoundly knows that he/she must be able to receive love well. Do you receive the love of others well? Receiving is a beautiful love word. Love requires the element of receptivity. Receiving is just as much an expression of love as giving is. When someone receives or is receptive to our love they are expressing to us that we are accepted and appreciated. For love to take place, in the context of a healthy relationship, we need both the element of giving and receiving. One must be willing to give, and the other must be willing to receive. If we wish to experience a healthy relationship, we must participate in both giving and receiving. I call this the principle of giving and receiving. This principle will keep a relationship healthy. If there is giving by one person but no receiving by the other, the relationship can become one-sided and unhealthy in the same way that a relationship becomes one-sided when one person is giving, and the other is not.

Love is Generous

Generosity is a core aspect of love. According to researchers from the University of Virginia’s National Marriage Project, the happiest married couples are those who are generous with each other. Being generous with each other is essential for a healthy relationship. “You can’t give what you don’t have” is a popular phrase that is repeated often in church circles. Sadly, I’ve seen many people get into relationships with someone who just didn’t have it, and therefore couldn’t give it. Needless to say, these relationships did not make it. They failed miserably. If we don’t have authentic love in our heart, we will not be able to give it. Simple enough, right?

Real love is shown through generosity. We have to be generous if we wish to show our love more fully. Generosity requires giving ourselves to others through our time, talent, or treasure. Whatever we give our time to will say volumes about what’s important to us. Time is a precious gift that we can offer to another living being. Our talent can be given through what we are able to do for others. Our treasure is our money. Like time, whatever things we give our money to are the things that really matter to us. We need to learn how to give and how to receive, if we desire to love a person rightly, and completely. Are you considered a generous person by others?

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