Do You Speak The Language of Love?


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Love Communicates

Love changes everything. Our view and understanding of love can make a huge difference in our relationships. Seeing love as a language can help us to understand love in a simple and practical way. Love isn’t five or seven languages; it is one language. It is to our great benefit to learn this language, and to learn it well--if we wish to speak it well with those who are dear to us. The language of love consists of many love words. Commitment is a love word. Honesty is a love word. Respect is a love word. Sacrifice is a love word. Action is a love word—and so on and so on. Love speaks to the heart in beautiful and profound ways. The heart was made to understand the beautiful language of love—its words, expressions and inner movements. 

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All languages come with their rich vocabulary, certainly with more than five or seven words or expressions. We cannot limit the meaning of love and we cannot be lazy when it comes to love. We should not be mediocre or take shortcuts either—not when speaking the beautiful language of love. Language has to be studied and practiced in order to be mastered. In addition to learning the vocabulary and expressions of a language, there are principles (rules of the language) that one must also learn. Finally, one will need to spend hours practicing a language until he or she is able to speak it fluently. It is no different with the language of love. If we wish to love someone with a total and authentic love, we will need to become familiar with the many rich aspects and expressions pertaining to real love. This will require time, study, reflection and much practice. Once we learn the beautiful language of love, we will need to speak it with our actions, our desire, our mind, our body, our will and our virtue.

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Many psychologists will admit that love is very hard to define. As stated previously Psychology offers many theories about love. Let’s take a look at some of the not so popular perspectives on love:

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