Select Your Prayers

Each week select three arrow prayers that you will be using to pray daily. Write them in your planner, write them on a card, write them on your journal or you can write them somewhere in your cell phone so that they are readily available. I recommend that you make your selections on Saturday or Sunday morning. Whatever works best for you. Either way you will be ready to go on Monday.

Each week you will have a new set of three arrow prayers that you will use to pray for the next 7 days, beginning on Sunday or Monday and ending on Saturday or Sunday. You decide when you wish to begin. Mondays was my beginning day, but now I begin on Sunday. On Saturday mornings I make my arrow prayer selections. This works out better for me. Saturday and Sunday mornings are times of renewal for me. These prayers will reinforce that renewal.

Remember, to pray with all your heart, all your mind and all your body.

Pray Four Times A Day

Make a commitment to pray 4 times a day. The prayers you have selected will be prayed in the morning (before going in to work), at noon, in the evening (after work) and at night (in your home).

You may pray your morning prayers while you drive to work. You can pray your evening prayers while you drive home from work. You can pray the prayers you selected as many times as you want in one day. You do not have to restrict yourself to praying them 4 times in one day. Four times is the required minimum.

At the end of the week ask yourself how it went. Look at what worked, at what didn't work. What did God say to you during your sacred moments of prayer? What made you stronger? What brought you closer to God? Look at where you can improve. Make the necessary adjustments so that next week you will do much better. It's a process. We are learning, we are growing. Make notes in your journal or notebook if you feel it is necessary.

Talk to God

In the morning when you wake up say the following prayer:

Good morning Father, thank you for this day. Thank you for this morning. Thank you for this life. Thank you for this moment.

When you drive to work you can get into the presence of God by praying the Lord's Prayer and then begin your field prayers, the prayers you selected for the week. Look on the Prayers Page to learn the different ways you can pray the field prayers. Sometimes I'll say each one 10 times. This helps me to believe them more, and it opens me up to inner transformation. Once you're done with your field prayers. You can continue to speak to God in your own words. Thank God for your blessings, express your concerns, tell God your troubles, make your petitions, share your goals, share your hopes, listen to his guidance, etc. Continue your conversation with God all day long and into the night when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep.

Make Sacrifices

This is optional. There are programs out there like Exodus 90 in both Catholic and Protestant circles. These programs require you to take cold showers, give up sweets, give up watching sports/TV, give up soda and give up other things in order to help you give your body completely to God. I think these programs are great. You can add ascetic practices to the Field Prayers method if you feel you need to. I try to restrict myself to one cookie per week, one soda if any per week. My diet is very strict. I'm a Biblical vegetarian, on the Genesis 1:29 diet. I do not consume animal or dairy products for various reasons-to grow closer to God is one reason (and probably the best reason). Avoiding rich, sugary food and drink has helped me to tame this animal that is my body. You decide on what sacrifices you need to make for God, how much and for how long. Be honest with God, ask for his help and stick with your plan. Move forward.

Begin Field Prayers 12!

You are set. It's very simple and very doable. You're ready to begin your 12 weeks of field prayers. When you're done with the 12 weeks, make some adjustments and do another 12 weeks. Keep it going. Prayer is a lifestyle! If you have any questions about Field Prayers 12, don't hesitate to contact me. You'll find the contact link above.

The Peace of Jesus Christ be with you Always!

John L. Banda